To get started, I’m including posts from the recent past to give you perspective on the Finding Laura journey.

– L

April 13, 2014
One month from today… I will be boarding a flight to Italy!!!
The pages have been turning so fast and although some of them are ripped and stained, they are all part of an incredible journey. Next month starts a new decade and a new chapter and I am so ready for it.
If my 20’s couldn’t break me, nothing will…


April 10, 2014
It really is only impossible if you decide it is…
A lot of times, the people who don’t know any better make things happen that others “know” can’t be done!
Trying some new things lately!


April 6, 2014
Today, my opinion is that rejection is God’s way of stepping in and eliminating the people from your life that don’t appreciate you or deserve you enough to be there. It may not be easy because if it was you would eliminate them yourself, but it does make more room for people who are supportive and loving and motivating and important.
I’m glad that I know who to look up to…. And who to walk away from…. Even when it’s hurtful and hard.
That’s all…


April 4, 2014
John Maxwell says that to lead an awesome life means to be impressive, inspiring and to induce a sense of awe in others. He also says that people who are awesome perform on a level that is way beyond expectation.
I agree with him and I think he says it well. We should all aim for impressive while also focusing on inspiring. I don’t just want to be great at what I do… I want to inspire others to want to be great too… and then do what I can to teach them how.
I love mentoring and had a goal of enlisting others to do the same! A big thank you to AJ who became the first to commit to being a Mentor in my project.. There really is nothing like having a vision and actually seeing it come to fruition and I’m happy that you share my passion for it! Very exciting!


March 14, 2014
Favorite text I’ve ever gotten-
“Your occasional dorkiness is actually a rather adoring quality. So you really should embrace it.”
I’m gonna let this override every time someone called me weird, criticized me for being different or told me my randomness is unreasonable!


March 3, 2014
Being a good friend is important…
Don’t keep positive thoughts to yourself… instead, use your words.
Don’t criticize… instead, use your filter.
Tell people they matter if they do. Don’t ever take for granted someone who cares about you. Try really hard not to hurt them. Encourage people to have a good heart.
Encourage people who can make a difference.
Don’t take a day for granted.
Listen to the words you heard as a child: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
Find ways to improve yourself.
Make someone’s day.


January 21, 2014
Good reminder this morning…
“I have some of the most amazing people in my life.
If you find that you are surrounded by people who bring you down, look past them and find people who will lift you up… Then, make them your inner circle!
You have to choose who should impact your life… And as importantly, choose who shouldn’t.
Lecture over.”

January 12, 2014
Sometimes I get lost going somewhere I aways go, or hurt myself because I don’t pay attention…
Sometimes I get lost in my own head…
Other times I get lost in my determination and forget to use my head…
I over-complicate things that should be simple and I over-simplify things that should be complicated… 
But that’s all me… And tonight I feel more like me than I have in a while…I think that deserves a Laura-twirl…

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