Overcoming Obstacles

I am convinced that we are forever on a journey of finding ourselves.  That is where FindingLaura all started.   I learn something new every day.

This week I find myself wondering if everyone else has this many obstacles to overcome every day. Why doesn’t anything just go smoothly? I have to stop and say, “who cares what everyone else has?” and “why does that matter?”  It just doesn’t.  That’s always so much easier said than done but it is true.   I honestly believe that we are only given as much as we can handle and it is through our challenges that we find our great strength.

Obstacles have always been a part of my adult life and I always find a way.  I imagine it would go a lot smoother if I just accept it, find the solution and keep moving but I continue to stop and feel bad for myself that things don’t go my way.

So, my lesson for today is this:

Know you can do it, acknowledge you can do it and be proud that you can do it….. instead of being mad that you have to.


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