Over the past decade I found that some of my greatest friends would be people who I do not see often. That sometimes provides a challenge because you want the people you love to be close to you and that is very true for me. However, it is amazing when you do see these people how exciting and happy it can really be.

My friend and colleague, Jennifer, you will see in this picture pointed out that even though we don’t get to spend a lot of time together or talk all the time because we lead such different lives, we are always there for each other. We started working for the same company around the same time over a decade ago and both made a decision that we wanted to grow. Over the years, we have grown professionally together and work together in different ways, but she is right… we’ve always been there for each other. That relationship is no less important than my relationship with friends that I see every day.

She is only one example. This week I spent time in the city I used to live in and visiting people who became my family will never get old. I have prioritized not taking time with these people for granted.  When you find people who add to your life, inspire you, support you and give you someone to rely on, always make it a priority to enjoy the time you get with them.



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