Post cards

Everything in Italy looks like it is from a post card. I didn’t believe that it would actually be as beautiful as it looks in the movies.

We were greeted at the airport by two family members to start our three hour drive to San Salvo. We had to make one stop for gelato, of course!!! It was absolutely wonderful. I quickly grew frustrated with the language barrier but our cousin knows English so she is translating for us (poor thing).

A large pasta lunch was waiting for us which was delicious. I felt so full, although little did I know, that was only part one. The food is wonderful, by the way. I accidentally fell asleep shortly after eating for a long nap. Then we walked to the beach to experience the Adriatic Sea. Of course I had to put my feet in.

I really should have learned Italian, by the way. We used a translator app to talk through their wedding album and old pictures. This is such a wonderful and personal memory.

Pre-dinner was great (yes I said pre-dinner) and then cutlets with lemons from the backyard. We all get along well and I am so happy that I am spending time with family.

Today was filled with things and places I wouldn’t have experienced in one of the big cities with a Tourist’s agenda. I could go on forever but I am exhausted.







  1. Bern says

    I am so completely amazed at you, little bird! Seeing you framed by the Adriatic Sea gives me chills of joy! You have marked your milestone in such a fantastic way and I am taken with your ambitious drive. Enjoy every moment and go with your gut! Love you – Bern

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