Perfect Morning

I had the most amazing morning. For everyone here, it is probably just a simple morning, nothing special or different at all, except for the funny little American girl who wants them to keep pouring more espresso sitting in the kitchen. I knew when I went downstairs that I would be the only one who spoke English. It was more than a little intimidating but I did it anyway.

Our cousin made me espresso and brought out all different kinds of cakes and cookies and bread (making me try all of them). I told him I want to try everything they eat and drink! There’s no shortage of food here and you must eat everything on your plate. I am not sure if it is my rule or theirs though because everything is delicious!! My cousin and I sat and talked and even though neither of us spoke each other’s language we can understand each other for the most part. You can almost get what someone is trying to say without the words if it’s kept simple. He showed me pictures on the Internet of places we will go today and tomorrow. Needless to say, I am so excited because everything looks amazing.

I had such a fantastic time just sitting at the table with my café and use my translator app to have conversations with my cousins. We talked about my aunt who I was very close with. I think it is amazing that they knew her well too. She always told me she wanted to teach me Italian and bring me here to meet them so it is very special to sit here and talk with them about her. They show affection so simply too. A squeeze on the arm while talking about Aunt Betty is so simple, yet very special.

You can see in the picture how I translate. She told me that the cake I ate was her mother’s recipe. I understood what she said but did not know how to respond. She was happy to hear I use my mother’s recipes (my future husband will be too– mmm spaghetti). I love this translator app!

I am now standing on the balcony that overlooks the lemon tree and amazing backyard. The view is beautiful and green, with a lot of trees. There is a tree in the backyard that I have never seen before, it is green but has these red tips of the branches that look like porcupine needles coming out of it. It is right next to the lemon tree which I know is used to make lemoncello often (Yes, I may have tried some already). In the distance there more trees, why is it that every tree in Italy looks beautiful? Each one has a different shape and looks so unique. I think the trees in America seem so straight and boring in comparison.

Off to the grocery store! This should be fun!






  1. Chiara Di Renzo says

    I’m so glad you had enjoyed your breakfast! Pretty sad not to be with you, but dont’t worry, I’ll be at home in 2 hours so your poor translator could relax a little bit! Ahahah, see you soon Laura!
    P.S. I’m so happy I can know what you’re doing even from school, this blog is an Amazing idea :*

  2. Bernadette says

    Your words are so sincere and touching as you describe ewch , simple experience. I’m sitting in my car teary-eyed at like a big, sentimental jerk! I live the fact that you are having such a wondeful time!

  3. Donna Franzen says

    So happy you are getting toenjoy the REAL Italy and not the touristy things for now. That will be amazing as well

  4. Peggy says

    Hi Laura,

    I have finally had the opportunity to sit and read your absolutely fabulous journey through Italy. I love your writing and feel like I am getting my own special view of Italy through your eyes! By the way, one of my favorite places to sit are benches!! Loved it! Your pictures are amazing and I want to thank you for sharing all of this with us! You are inspiring to all of us! Have a wonderful time and keep posting!! THANK YOU!!

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