Verona in Love

I literally felt like a princess in Juliet’s house so I threw out my plans and stayed in the room all morning. I had cappuccino and biscotti in bed, stayed in the robe, kept the balcony door open (my balcony overlooks Juliet’s balcony) and listened to the birds chirp. Yes, I, Laura, did absolutely nothing. It was the perfect start to the day.

I finally got up and left my room around 11:00am. I found a small cafe where I ordered a small gelato, half cafe and half latte and a cappuccino. Not sure if it is normal to have them together but I don’t care.

I wandered some more, took more pictures, did a little shopping and then decided to follow the church bells. I found the church but couldn’t go in yet because I HAD to take pictures of it. The building was old but detailed, like so many others but different. I loved the arches in the entrances. By the time I went in, mass was almost over but I was okay with that, I still got to hear some of it and then the amazing music. Yes, I took pictures and yes, I did it during mass. I’m a tourist so I told myself I would be forgiven. The church was just so beautiful. I was surprised at the beggars inside the church. I guess nothing is off limits but they were all over people as they stood up. I stayed for a good while after mass saying my own prayers.






I did more wandering and stumbled upon the arena. This place was larger than life.



There was some big walk or run today so there were a lot of people on the streets. I started to head back and got distracted by some more shopping.

I went back to the square for my lunch. I sat under the umbrellas again but at a different restaurant. As I sat to eat, I put some music on my headphones, ordered a drink and zoned out. The food was fantastic.

Then I saw the red heart sign across the street. I have seen the sign several times but from far away and I never knew what it said. But now I see it, it says Club di Giulietta. IT DOES EXIST!

20140518-191551.jpg I meant to ask at the hotel but forgot, it’s from the movie (Letters to Juliet) that made me want to come to Verona. I know it is a sappy chick flick but the town looked so pretty, I knew I wanted to see it some day. Months ago, I wrote a letter from home hoping that I would get a response so I knew it was real before my trip. I did not get the response so I just thought it was made up and felt a little stupid that I believed it because I found it on the internet. I found out you can get training to be a volunteer to reply to letters with them and work in the actual Club. Maybe I will do that someday.


  1. Rebecca Conicello says

    I am loving your blog, you have a way a writing that makes me feel like I am right there with you!!! Enjoy yourself, and keep writing 🙂 !!!

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