Rome was so different from everywhere else. I was also being stubborn. It’s so busy and the hustle and bustle of a big city always intimidates me.

We went out to dinner Saturday night and it ended with dancing and singing in this random restaurant with their staff. I couldn’t stop laughing as Karrie took over the dance floor! They loved her and we got to laugh. It was quite an experience.

Sunday night, I had dinner with my cousin’s Uncle and his daughter and her boyfriend. This was a nice surprise. He lives in Rome but I wasn’t planning to meet him. I am glad I did. He gave me a local’s perspective on Rome and took me to places I never would have found on my own.



These were taken above the Spanish embassy. It was a beautiful view from above the chaos.

He made Rome interesting though and his English was great. Over dinner, I learned about the economy and politics in Italy and the challenges they are facing. I learned about them and their family and I tried amazing food. They ordered all the Roman dishes so I could get a taste of culture. We were in Trevestere (I think that is it) and it was a wonderful town that I really enjoyed. It started raining on our way out and his daughter put her umbrella up over both of us. I have felt so accepted by everyone in Italy, especially those who are related.

My last day in Rome, I was all alone again. Karrie and her mom took the early flight Sunday morning and I went to explore. I saw all of the main sights.







I knew the food on my last night was important. I found a hidden Italian gem, open since 1930 I think and run by the most charming Italian gentlemen.



The food was simply magnificent and I savored every bite. The vino was wonderful, they kept me company and insisted on dessert. Tiramisu was homemade, like everything else and I just ate it so slowly hoping it would last longer. They laughed with me, talked about my trip and asked me to return soon. They brought me lemoncello on the house and thanked me for being there. I told them it was the perfect meal to end my trip and I thanked them many times.


  1. Peggy says

    Laura, I absolutely loved every minute of your writing!! I know the trip through Florence was crazy but you will laugh hysterically many times telling that story to friends/family in the future!! Rome looks so spectacular and I actually felt like I was tasting your last meal in Italy with you! Yummy!

    It seems like you thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your trip!! Thank you again for sharing it with all of us!! So glad you are back safely!! Welcome home!

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