It’s coming very fast….

The flights are booked.  So far, it looks like I will be staying in Philly until June 27.  First stop is Las Vegas to celebrate my almost-new sister in law.  There is a set itinerary that the girls set up and it looks like it will be a nice weekend getaway for us.  From there, I will head to Denver to work for a few days and then return to Philly.

I will spend the month of July gearing up for my August travels.  This is the plan so far:

July 30 – Flight to LAX in time for dinners and rehearsals for my brother’s wedding.  August 1 is the big day and then I will spend the weekend with family in Malibu.  From there I will hit San Diego, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and then I will work my way up the state (by car), ending in the San Francisco area.  I will fly from there to Portland, OR and then Denver, CO.  I will return to Philly after 16 days of city hopping!

This should make for some interesting blogging…

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