Finding Me

My name is Laura. I am a driven woman with business experience, an inability to accept no as an answer and a track record of success. There are a lot of reasons that I should not be successful, but I am anyway, and there are a lot of hard lessons that I have learned along the way to make that possible.

I have a desire to help others through my own experiences and an incredible platform that I have had the opportunity to build on.

I can accomplish anything with any deadline but I remain unimpressed with myself. This keeps me humble though and ensures I will work hard.

Sometimes I feel like my heart is broken, but it’s not, it’s all in one piece and fully functional I just don’t let people see it unless they’ll protect it like I do.

I’m dramatic and unreasonable, but I care about people more than I can explain. I have commitment issues, but am loyal to a fault. I have anxiety about everything. I am scared of my own shadow, but I am bold and fearless in many ways. I am indecisive and am not always pleasant, but I haven’t had the easiest road, I have worked harder than most, I have heard “you can’t” more than “you can”, and the world has just beat me down at times.

Overall, I have heart and I have passion. I won’t give up, I am a fighter and I will never stop pushing myself. I have learned the important people in my life will love me and all of my imperfections. I have learned those people are more important than any of my ailments, quirks or flaws. What I do wrong is not as important as what I do right and embracing who I am and prioritizing the important people is all that matters to me now.

I have been on stages, on calls, in one on one meetings and in my own unofficial mentoring program. I intend to grow my reach in any way that will be helpful. I intend to use the lessons I have learned and the new experiences going forward to help people in any way I can. I want you to know that with strength and heart, you can change your situation, change your path and change your life.

Find me on Facebook under Finding Laura!



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