Finding Beauty in Different Places

I love benches…


They make me daydream! Did you ever see the Walter Mitty movie where Ben Stiller will go off in a daze to some foreign land or adventurous setting. Well, that happens to me when I see a bench.


I have no clue… But check out the ones I was able to capture before my brain floated off into Laura land.







What do you think, do they make you daydream too?

The other thing I am falling in love with in Italy is cappuccino. You just don’t get cappuccino like this in America. Seriously though, the ones with the hearts in the foam make me want to kiss the person who did it.







So, in summary to that, I love benches… And coffee…. In Italy…. I sound weirder and weirder the more I write. I am perfectly fine with it. The thing is, I’ve realized that the more different I am, the more real I am. I think that happens with age, you stop trying to be someone you’re not, you stop trying to fit in and you stop apologizing for being who you are and wanting what you want. My crazy, unreasonable ideas have created some amazing memories for me and the people who do not support and accept me for me are the people who don’t get to see the bright and happy side that exists. Without a crazy idea, I wouldn’t be in Italy right now, but I said I would do it and I did. I can make anything happen if I really want it to because in reality I am the only one who can make something impossible. I really believe that.

We traveled from Venice to Florence by train yesterday and then got a rental car. I had my first experience trying to order food completely in Italian. The menu was Italian and the servers all spoke Italian. One of whom informed me that I was saying Grazie wrong the whole time. Well, that is disappointing. It is like grat-“c”-“a” apparently.

After, we did one of those hop on – hop off tour busses through Florence. I didn’t see enough to fall in love with it yet but I did find beauty.





The bus took us up in the hills. We had earphones for the information. Honestly, I was super tired. I may have rested my eyes for a few minutes of it. Because of that, I don’t think I was fair to Florence. So I will return to Florence before I leave.

I got to the apartment in Tuscany last night. I am saving the Tuscany information for tomorrow though. Although, I apologize for keeping you in suspense, I think suspense is good.

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Above the Clouds


So… I just couldn’t figure out what this little area was in front of me on the plane. There was storage on the bottom but like a cushion and then an open space on top. It specifies that it is not to be used for storage but I’m confused. It is right under the TV so surely you don’t sit on it. Oh well!

While looking for information on internet… I find a sheet that explains the seats and controls. I crack up (very loudly) when I see that it is an ottoman intended for you to “put your feet up and relax.” It never would have occurred to me because my feet don’t reach!!!! Not even close!!!

We were delayed an hour but it didn’t matter, I got to say my goodbyes, catch up on Facebook gossip and follow up on some things… then I got a good laugh about my short legs so everything was fine. Did I mention I was allergic to the soap on the towels they handed out? Thankfully it was just my hands — but who do these things really happen to?? I cracked up again and took an allergy pill!

On a more serious note, I received a message from someone very smart and very special today about the trip. He says:

“You have earned a respite, not only time away for fun and family fellowship, but time for you to think in terms of what you have done, where you are, and where you go.”

He is right. A trip like this does allow you to really evaluate, but without pressure, at least I hope it will for me. I get so caught up in my day to day chaos and anxiety, I never really stop to think anymore. I plan on changing that starting today. What I have done… Where I am… And where I go… That will make for a good starting point.

He goes on to say:

“What is truly valuable seems to prioritize itself as you relax and forget”

I just love everything about this! I am also excited that a great friend of mine thought to buy me a sketch book and pencils to bring! I wonder if I can still draw? I assume that even if I’m awful, drawing the countryside from the farm or the views along the coast on the train will be amazing!

Okay, so in summary, I’m going to leave you with some random Laura thoughts…. I thought 30 would be hard. I love 30. It’s only day 5 of 30. Ha! I didn’t always have great friends. My friends now are so incredibly thoughtful. I’ve met my best friends in random places. I like to talk to strangers. And I think people should smile at each other. I think if something feels right, do it. If something feels wrong, don’t. I need to trust my gut more. I have said I am going to Italy when I turn 30 since I was 21. I never believed myself. I think anything is possible though, so I’m not surprised. The flight attendants are very nice. The people around me are not. I’m smiling at everyone anyway.

Now, I am officially on the ground in Italy! Meeting our Italian family shortly and we will have a few hours in the car to get to Palmoli…

Ciao for now!