Finding Inspiration

“You know how much I enjoy reading your blog everyday, well now I feel like I’m reading a novel or a biography. Your words so perfectly put together so the reader can feel your every emotion, experience and growth. Watching you learn about yourself and grow into yet another part of who you are yet to become. God is so good! You are blessed Laura in so many ways. You should just travel and write a book! I’m so captivated! !! You have me hanging onto your every word, like I’m right there with you. Wish I was. Looking forward to the next chapter.”


“Inspired by the title I took time to stop,look at the lovely photographs and read about your journey into Finding Laura. I hope that I have inspired my own daughters to live life like you are.” -DH

“Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. I have never been out of the country but feel I have been walking beside you and enjoying every moment by reading your blog . I am so happy that you walked through your fears knowing that “FEAR” is a man made word for what we do not understand or have not experience . What a wonderful gift you are giving by letting us see feel and almost taste your journey. Thank you and bless you. Love light and joy sweet girl” -HS

“I think you should write a book!! I feel like I’m there with you!!” -AR

“I love reading your blog ! It actually feels like I am there as I read it and can imagine how perfect it actually is in person!” -FB

“I have enjoyed reading your blog. Makes me want to travel more.” -KP

“Her blog will make you want to live life to the fullest!” -BM

“I don’t know why but I have tears in my eyes and my heart is dancing just feeling the joy through your heart you make want to be there with you,please don’t stop posting I look forward every day to see what’s happening, it’s like reading a book and having to wait for the next chapter to be written! !!” -BBW

“Idk why this made me cry, your writing about this amazing family of yours and the bond you have created with them is Amazing. Hoping today is even more beautiful than yesterday (if possible ).” -RH

“I am totally hooked on Laura‘s blog and it’s been bringing me to joyful tears on a regular basis!!” -BW

“I am so enjoying your blog! Thank you for sharing.” -DR
“I have finally had the opportunity to sit and read your absolutely fabulous journey through Italy. I love your writing and feel like I am getting my own special view of Italy through your eyes! By the way, one of my favorite places to sit are benches!! Loved it! Your pictures are amazing and I want to thank you for sharing all of this with us! You are inspiring to all of us! Have a wonderful time and keep posting!! THANK YOU!!” -PC

“I love you most because you find the beauty in the world, you appreciate the little things which are most important.” -JSK

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